Reading online is like letting a tap continue to run: you get a constant stream of new material and yet the overall effect is simply the same thing coming over and over and over …. the same can be said of concerns about the 2020 sulphur cap. The questions keep coming back to quality of the new fuel and the availability of such.

Currently the choices come down to selecting a scrubber and continuing to use heavy fuel oil, or you can go with low sulphur fuels which is possibly what the majority will plump for. This is the time when the availability and quality of the new fuel will be of paramount importance. Maybe the real challenge will be low-sulphur fuel. The concerns about blending and stability, the effects on  equipment will be the real concerns. One company involved in fluid handling has suggested that some vessels will use three or four different types of fuel in future operations – bit like a hybrid car by the sound of it. While it might make initial sense in terms of bunkering worries and fuel availability, will it be a financially and operationally perfect solution?