Bunker industry must ensure supply of high sulphur fuel oil bunkers continues beyond 2020: IMO

IMO sulphur cap

At a recent event for the refining and petrochemical industry held in Athens, the IMO stressed that the bunker industry must keep providing the supply of high sulphur fuel oil bunkers even after the new regulations of the 0.5% global sulphur cap on marine fuel comes into force in 2020. According to IMO’s Edmund Hughes, discussions should focus on how to ensure consistent implementation of the sulphur limit as there will be no delay to a 2020 start date for the new rules. This issue will be addressed in the next session of IMO’s sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response in February 2018 and during an intersessional working group to be held later in 2018. “Compliance, enforcement and monitoring will be the remit and responsibility of both flag States and port States,” IMO said in a statement following Hughes’ presentation.

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