Ship Insight: Scrubber installation delays reported as 2020 looms

Ship Insight: Scrubber installation delays reported as 2020 looms

Shipowners planning to have scrubber installations on existing ships in time for the 1 January deadline may be disappointed recent developments suggest.

Analysts Alphatanker said in its latest report that ‘The past few weeks have seen a number of tonnage owners release statements indicating that their scrubber retrofitting programs were falling behind schedule. Notably, Diamond S Shipping has revealed that scrubbers on 3 of its Suezmaxes will not be fitted until 1Q20, from the original estimate of 4Q19. Meanwhile, a number of non-publicly listed companies have revealed to Alphatanker that certain Chinese yards are running behind schedule due to the longer-than-expected installation time of scrubbers.”

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Sulphur 2020 major concerns

Two stories this week about Sulphur 2020 highlighting key concerns

From Tanker Operator website.

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has warned of ‘chaos and confusion’ unless the IMO urgently resolves some serious issues concerning the implementation of the forthcoming 0.5% sulfur in marine fuel cap.

This was the principal conclusion of ICS’s member national shipowner associations’ AGM held in Hong Kong last week. Read more

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North P&I said that shipowners will have some very difficult and important decisions to make on how to comply with the 1st January 2020 sulfur cap.

There are several options open to shipowners, with the majority currently opting for distillates, perhaps keeping an eye on the development of cheaper hybrid fuels, blends or compliant residual fuels.

The choice will come down to what is right for the vessel and what is economically viable, the mutual said.

Speaking broadly, there are five options available to a shipowner that allow compliance with the 2020 global sulphur cap – distillates, hybrid blends, scrubbers (EGCS), LNG and other emerging fuels. Read more

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