Survey: Shipping industry divided on top 2020 SOx solutions

The shipping industry is still considering several options for meeting the regulations of IMO’s global sulphur cap in 2020, according to a recent survey by The Strategy Works. Around 81% of senior technical managers from shipping companies and nearly 60% of lubricant makers and OEMs favour ultra-low sulphur fuel oil to comply with the sulphur limit. Scrubber technologies are the favourite choice of lubricant companies and OEMs with a 67% approval rate whereas only 41% of shipping company employees votes for scrubbers. Distillates fuels and LNG rank in third and fourth positions. Furthermore, the survey revealed fuel oil availability and price as the top concerns among the representatives of shipping companies.

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ExxonMobil commits to work with shipping industry on multi-fuel landscape

The international oil and gas company ExxonMobil will still be engaged with the shipping industry as the market changes into a multi-fuel landscape under the global sulphur cap regulation from 2020. As Iain White, ExxonMobil Marine Fuels and Lubricants global marketing manager said ExxonMobil is going to be involved in making all the options of the multi-fuel scenario available including LNG, high sulphur fuel oil use with abatement technology, 0.1% and 0.5% sulphur fuel oil as well as blends and distillates.

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Alternative fuel sources come under spotlight for shipping

Biofuels and methanol are gaining more consideration as a marine fuel to comply with the stricter environmental regulations by IMO to reduce shipping emissions. According to Nanyang Technological University’s senior scientist Dr Prapisala Thepsithar, biofuels can present a cleaner and low carbon alternative fuel source for the shipping industry.

Yet, biofuels still contribute to air pollution with the release of carbon monoxide and NOx. Dr Thepsithar adds that biofuel are also more expensive compared to traditional marine fuels so their use may not be realistic to ship owners.

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Operators not prioritising sulphur cap, claims survey

A Gulf Oil Marine survey has found that ship operators are delaying ship operator preparations for the global sulphur cap in favour of more immediate commercial priorities. Not a single operator had begun preparations for 2020, according to the spot survey. Gulf Oil Marine’s technology and innovation director Don Gregory said that the survey reported 100% compliance was at the top of all Gulf Oil Marine customers’ commitments. But the vast majority of discussions indicate a “wait and see” approach to compliance.

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