UK Club: Cat fines a threat for engine damage

In recent years there appears to have been an increase in the frequency of engine damage caused by refinery catalytic fines in marine fuel oil. It is also possible that some fuels that comply with the 0.5% sulphur cap will have high levels of cat fines and engine damages might increase even more. The UK P&I Club has published technical advice for operators on how to minimize the risk.

Read more here: Safety4Sea

More than just warm waters

Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum

The 9th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum took place in Miami on October 18-20 and with 500 attendees from 50 countries, including 20 Caribbean locations, there was a lot to get through, particularly with the recent devastation caused by the weather in the region.

It was interesting to note that the subject of energy transition was discussed even as the recent events showed us how fragile modern technology can be in the face of nature. One of the biggest challenges will be nature-proofing systems for generating electricity based on renewables. The Caribbean is growing and so is the demand for energy. There will be more than one type of fuel and power generation schemes will find themselves under increasing environmental and financial scrutiny.

Peter Stevenson, managing director of Aderco Limited attended the forum and came away with a strong sense of commitment towards cleaner operations, particularly in those areas of the Caribbean subjected to the recent catastrophic weather.

“In many places in the Caribbean, oil-fired power plants still offer the most cost-effective and reliable means to produce electricity. Add into this the additional use of fuel treatment solutions to address fuel instability, reduces emissions and deals other environmentally concerning issues such as water contamination and sludge formations, then there will be considerable progress towards the lowering of emissions. This is an exciting time to be involved in the region, particularly for those wanting to develop clean energy solutions and this is something we at Aderco really understand.”

From an Aderco point of view, anything that helps reduce emissions used in the region makes sense in both financial and environmental terms. Sometimes just telling people there is a solution is seen as enough but we think there is a lot more that can be added to this mixture.