Availability of low sulphur fuel a top concern for ship owners


Not only remains uncertainty around the regulatory implementation of the global sulphur cap but also concerns regarding the low sulphur fuel availability in 2020 as highlighted during the Greener Shipping Summit 2017 in Athens, Greece. Kostas Vlachos, COO of Spiros Latsis-backed Consolidated Marine Management said that the changeover cannot occur “overnight” without serious economic consequences. “All stakeholders, regulators, refineries, owners, associations, makers and states, have to play a very important and critical role for the effective, efficient and soft implementation.”

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2020 compliant marine fuel costs a source of headache for ship owners

Not only will the implementation of a sulphur limit starting in 2020 change the fuel quality and availability but also the economics of shipping and particularly on bunker prices. In total 3 million barrels per day of high sulphur fuel oil Bunkers will need to switch to 0.5% sulphur fuel through blending or hydrocracking leading to higher production costs and thus driving up the fuel cost.

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