Aderco – the world’s leading fuel treatment provider – has launched a new video offering a concise and detailed insight into the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 sulphur cap.

Available on YouTube ( the 4:27m video outlines in clear, concise facts the importance of tank cleaning before any new fuel is added to a ship’s tanks and why the use of fuel treatments are so important in the maintenance of marine diesel engines.

Among the issues looked at are: fuel availability; fuel costs, the increased hazards during fuel changeover procedures; fuel lubricity and incompatibility of fuels; the presence of catalytic fines and contaminants; the issues of insurance and indemnity cover and where and when the new fuels will be available.

Olivier Baiwir, CEO of Aderco, wants to ensure that everyone in the shipping world sees the video as it clearly outlines the important decision ship owners, ship managers and operators need to make in the months before the cap starts.


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