After Indonesia announced this week that it would not implement the 2020 suplhur cap regulation on its domestic shipping fleet, The Trident Alliance expressed concerns noting that it is essential for authorities to fully and effectively enforce the regulations if fair competition is to be maintained, and to protect environmental interests.

The IMO sulphur cap regulation mandates that from January 1, 2020, vessels must burn fuel with less than 0.50% m/m of sulphur, down from 3.5% now, unless vessels are equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers).

With less than five months remaining for the global implementation of the IMO’s 0,5% sulphur regulation, the shipping industry is still divided between the two available options for compliance: Alternative fuels or scrubbers installation.

Both solutions increase costs for operators, leading Indonesia to announce it would not implement the regulation because of the expense brought.

Responding, the Trident Alliance emphasized that shipping is a global industry and therefore benefits from a global regulatory approach.

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