Scrubbers. The technology more politely known as Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGSAs) will enable vessels to continue burning the same HSFO bunkers they do today after the global 0.50% sulfur cap on marine fuel comes into force on January 1, 2020. Everyone else will be burning more expensive 0.50%S LSMGO or, if they can get them, VLSFO blends.

Industry talking heads love scrubbers, and have been repeatedly telling us that the economics are as slam dunk.

Shipowners? Not so much. For a variety of reasons, uptake of the tech is less than half what initial IMO estimates predicted.

But only weeks after Viswa Lab’s Dr. Vis predicted there would be a surge in interest akin to a stampede of wildebeest in Serengeti Park, DNV GL reported interest in the systems had risen dramatically.

Not long after that, Lloyd’s Register last month reported order slots for January 2020 completion are now almost full.

So, is it really too late to order a scrubber in time for IMO 2020?

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