A round up of what is in the maritime press this week on Sulphur 2020 and IMO 2020.

SP Platts – Demand for cleaner marine fuels in Singapore ramps up as IMO 2020 looms: MPA data

Sales of 180 CST low sulfur fuel oil in September jumped 70.7% from August to 71,500 mt. More here (subscription required)

Singapore 380 CST HSFO swap cracks slump to new lows as IMO 2020 nears

High cracks are not sustainable, so we are going into a more reasonable range as the market is less wild, a trader said. More here (subscription required)

Marine Insight logoGreat composite of news, guidance and help on Sulphur 2020

from Marine Insight here 

Ship Insight – a simplified BAF indexing mechanism

Shipping analyst Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) have defined and published a simplified BAF indexing mechanism and bunker charge guide to help shippers monitor and control bunker charges as shipping lines switch to the more expensive bunkers required under the IMO 2020 low-sulphur regulation.

The mechanism is the result of the ESC-Drewry IMO toolkit reference group of ten experts that Drewry and the ESC tasked with gathering views and best practices on IMO 2020 low-sulphur fuel-related topics. More

Lloyd’s List –
Ships will be fined for non-compliance with IMO 2020

Those responsible for ships will be fined if found to be non-compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s low-sulphur rules which take effect on January 1, a fuels symposium at the IMO was told More (log in or subscription required)

Lukoil to produce IMO 2020-compliant LSFO

Russia’s decision to produce IMO-compliant fuel comes as differentials for its Urals crude have fallen to the widest discounts in a year against dated Brent crude. Russia’s high sulphur content crude could fall out of favour with European refiners as refining margins are eroded by reduced demand and weaker prices More (log in or subscription required)

Ship and Bunker key stories

Singapore and Malaysia’s stockpile of IMO 2020 grade fuel continues to grow – read more here

Bunker industry ready for IMO 2020 Eniemo IBIS director, declares during IMO2020 symposium more

Japan has agreed on a basic fuel spec for IMO 2020 compliant fuel and confirms its safe use during the IMO conference on 2020 this week. More

Are you really ready – 30 things to ask yourself? Checklist here

Taking a PASS on PAS (Publicly Available Specification)

Whilst it is understood why there is not enough time for a new ISO standard for 2020, it was hoped that PAS would fill in the gap. PAS hasn’t and what it has done is highlight major concerncs and issues without any solutions – read the full story here.