ExxonMobil has introduced Mobilgard 540, a 40BN cylinder oil formulated for use with 0.50 percent sulphur fuels that comply with the International Maritime Organization’s 2020 emissions cap.

The new cylinder oil will be offered in key locations from early September 2019 including Singapore, ARA, Fujairah, Houston, Pusan and Hong Kong. Availability updates will be included in our Ports and Services Guide.

Mobilgard 540 cylinder oil has passed stringent fit-for-use testing and has undergone extensive field trials, meets OEM requirements for WinGD and MAN Energy Services, and is compatible at any volume with ExxonMobil’s current cylinder oil range.

Providing you with peace of mind that your cylinder oil will perform when switching to 0.50% percent sulphur fuels, such as ExxonMobil’s EMF.5 range, which will help to streamline the switchover to the new lubricant.

ExxonMobil offers a comprehensive range of marine products and services, including two-stroke cylinder oils, regardless of compliant choice.

  • Mobilgard 525 for use with 0.10% sulphur Emission Control Area (ECA) MGO
  • Mobilgard 540for use with 0.50% IMO compliant fuels
  • Mobilgard 570 for use with high sulphur fuel in combination with a scrubber
  • Mobilgarf 5100 for highly corrosive engines running high sulphur fuel in combination with a scrubber
  • Mobil Serv Cylinder condition Monitoring for on-board scrape down oil analysis and fuel sulphur testing