The availability of low sulphur fuel a top concern for shipowners

Seatrade Maritime News published a recent feature on the availability of low sulphur fuel and how it was a major concern for many attending the Greener Shipping Summit 2017. They point out that although refiners are confident they will be able to meet the demand the changeover cannot occur overnight.

Peru to be short 0.5pc sulphur bunkers in 2020

An interesting piece on the sulphur 2020 issue from a well respected European publication suggesting that Peru may not be prepared to accommodate demand for 0.5pc sulphur marine fuel starting in January 2020. As we approach the deadline for this there will be many new issues raised and individual stories will certainly add to the whole picture once we get a clearer view of what options will be used.container ship

No leeway expected from IMO

As indicated by the IBIA, whilst there still remains a number of uncertainties as we approach the 2020 global 0.5% sulphur limit, the IMO has made it abundantly clear in Athens recently that there will be no delay in entering this legislation into force. The topics of “unseaworthiness” and vessel detention have already been raised and, as such, it would be somewhat folly to expect enforcement by PSC to be nothing other than robust.