IMO 2020 Sulphur

Welcome to Sulphur 2020 a dedicated online forum for open and in-depth discussions about the implications of the IMO rulings on the reduction of sulphur in maritime fuels by 2020.

This is your community and we encourage you to raise issues, debate industry questions and solutions for meeting the requirements.

Sulphur 2020: Are you ready with your fuel preparation – the time is running out?

One of the best solutions for meeting the 2020 sulphur cap is switching from heavy fuel oil to low sulphur fuel. This can have serious implications if the right preparations haven’t been made before the cap comes into effect 1 January 2020.

Unless the tank has been cleaned properly and there is not a fraction of the heavy fuel left in the tank, you will not be able to meet the specifications as there will be contamination of the new fuel. This will not only be costly but also make your vessels non-compliant.

Sulphur compliance starts in the fuel tanks.

Aderco shows the smart way to comply IMO 2020

Aderco – the world’s leading fuel treatment provider – has launched a new video offering a concise and detailed insight into the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 sulphur cap.

Available on YouTube

the 4:27m video outlines in clear, concise facts the importance of tank cleaning before any new fuel is added to a ship’s tanks and why the use of fuel treatments are so important in the maintenance of marine diesel engines.

Among the issues looked at are: fuel availability; fuel costs, the increased hazards during fuel changeover procedures; fuel lubricity and incompatibility of fuels; the presence of catalytic fines and contaminants; the issues of insurance and indemnity cover and where and when the new fuels will be available.

Olivier Baiwir, CEO of Aderco, wants to ensure that everyone in the shipping world sees the video as it clearly outlines the important decision ship owners, ship managers and operators need to make in the months before the cap starts.

“The video shows people what they can expect from the new cap and how it will affect their preparations for the new fuel. We have been working with clients for more than 35 years offering them tailored solutions using fuel treatments and this video is another very useful tool in this process of explaining the cap. Rather than docking a ship for weeks and paying millions of dollars to install a scrubber, ship owners, ship managers and operators can use Aderco fuel treatment to flush and clean their tanks for the six months prior to the cap starting to ensure they are ready to be compliant with the new regulations. Aderco fuel treatments are used to treat 40 million metric tonnes of fuel every year and regular use will protect diesel engines from corrosion and contaminants.”

Aderco provides a solution for cleaning your fuel tanks – making sure they are not contaminated and will be fully compliant. Ideally the process should be started as early as possible in 2019 but no later than 1st June 2019. The Aderco solutions are highly cost effective and at less than $1 per tonne treated!

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Sulphur 2020 Cap where we are now – November 2019

Together the most used word in the video
ExxonMobil’s Talking Points video series, we challenge Teekay Tankers to a game of French Boules to talk about the fast approaching IMO 2020 deadline. Teekay Tankers’ CEO, Kevin MacKay, and Head of Ship Management, Ray McNamara, compete with ExxonMobil’s Marine Fuels Venture Manager, Luca Volta, and Global Marine Lubricants Manager, Frans Horjus. Discussion points include the importance of high quality, compliant fuel supplies, the reliability of compatible lubricants and value-adding services to ensure smooth sailing.